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Asser Law Group, P.C. is dedicated to helping individual clients and small businesses with their immigration matters.

We understand that migration is a tool and not the result of wants and needs. We as a society need to be open to this and embrace the thought that with movement comes change and with change comes growth.

Our practice strives to provide the best possible assistance to those who need help with any matter related to immigration. We help people who need a strong advocate and legal mind when they’re faced with complex immigration matters such as deportation, family situations, abuse and detention.

Our practice provides creative and strategic solutions to companies who want to hire foreign talent, investors who want to create jobs and everyone else who may need advice on immigration issues.


Migration is an inescapable fact of life and has been a given since the first humans wandered the earth. People have always sought better places to live and prosper. Whether the need was to be able to hunt for food or to look for a safe haven, people have been moving around forever and they will continue for times to come. In today’s world of globalization, migration has taken on a different meaning and the need for people and companies alike to be able to move has become increasingly important.

Our practice is committed to facilitating the migration needs of companies and individuals. We understand that global mobility is not a solution, but a tool. We know that migration, mobility and relocation is based on a desire for betterment and growth and we are committed to helping clients with the realization of this desire.

Migration brings people together from all over the world and mobility can act as an inspiration to many. This inspiration will help our clients finding new markets and increase productivity and potential revenue.

We understand that migration may be a necessity for clients and that they need the best possible service to achieve their goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner. This necessity may be caused by desire, or the need for cost effective business, production etc. Whatever the necessity, we'll find the most suitable global mobility solution for our clients.

An important aspect of migration is integration. Pure mobility alone will not be sufficient for people to be effective. We will assist our clients to feel comfortable with the global migration process anywhere in the world and advise them with regard to local laws, regulations, processes and “quirky” customs to ensure that our clients can spend their valuable time with the integration efforts within the “other” culture.

We believe that global mobility can help create a better world if it’s done right. The contributions of migrants throughout the world almost always lead to improvements and openness in a society (e.g. US in the last 200 years and Europe from 1600 – 1900).

We also understand that migration (global mobility) is not for everyone. And we will advise our clients of pitfalls and potential negative complications connected with migration. This could lead to an advice resulting in deciding against immigration at a certain time. We will always act in the best interest of our clients and not simply assist with obtaining a visa and/or work permit. We will help our clients analyze and decide the best possible way to attain their global mobility goals. Our practice will consult and educate clients on different levels on all aspects related to global mobility.

David Asser
April 2004

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